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Body By Craft Is Not Just Our Name, It’s A Statement.

The high level specialization of Dr. Craft’s enhancement team makes them world-leading specialists in cosmetic transformation procedures.

Body By Craft

Body by Craft is a full service, comprehensive practice that was created by Dr. Craft with wellness and beauty for the whole person in mind.

In luxurious, Miami Beach, Florida, many clients desire not only to look younger, refreshed and beautiful, but also to feel healthy and vibrant. At Body by Craft, we know that looking great begins with feeling great, so you’ll find inspiration and support through our diverse and holistic beauty services. Building on over 17 years of experience at the forefront of cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery, Dr. Craft has positioned his clinic as an industry leader and destination for discerning clients from around the world. Knowing that we use only state of the art facilities and advanced medical equipment means that you can trust your care in our expert hands.

Dr. Phillip Craft

Phillip R. Craft M.D.

The Body by Craft team features Dr. Phillip Craft, who is a board certified plastic surgeon.​

He has a passion for the art of cosmetic surgery and is a pioneer for advancing technologies. For instance, Dr. Craft helped to develop SlimLipo, which is an advanced type of laser-assisted liposuction. Well respected as an instructor, he speaks internationally with leading esthetic companies. Among other popular procedures, Body by Craft is known for breast enhancement using silicone implants and breast lift procedures using the short scar technique.

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Elite Team

At Body by Craft, our elite team consists of well-trained and specialized medical professionals who collaborate to create a practice that leads in safety and innovation. Medical assistants, patient care coordinators and clinical aestheticians, all have many years of experience in safety and service.

High Standards

Uncompromising Safety

Our high standards at Body by Craft adhere to industry best practices outlined by our associated governing boards. We pride ourselves on the customized and focused care we provide which means pre-surgical health analysis, coaching, supportive nutritional care and more. We’ve developed a suite of services to ensure that you feel pampered and cared for, as well as healthier in the long term when you leave us.

Patient health and safety are never in question under Dr. Craft’s care. We maintain the strictest safety and sterilization standards as outlined by medical governing bodies in Miami. From the bright, clean surroundings of our facilities to surgical suites, you’ll never have to question your safety in our hands.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery

Many practitioners offer cosmetic treatments and surgery without having board certification that ensures rigorous training and specialization. With many titles and varying credentials presented, many people find the options overwhelming or confusing. They want to ensure they are seeking a plastic surgeon who has trained specifically in their area of treatment, performed thousands of successful surgeries, and who is continually advancing and improving their knowledge base.

Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Craft is a board certified plastic surgeon that has received many years of specialized training, above the basic medical or surgical training required. This additional knowledge and expertise is what sets him apart from many general or cosmetic surgeons and those with less specialized focus.

Our caring enhancement team take medical excellence seriously. Keeping current on advancements in techniques and standards allows us to set our clinic apart and provide the most optimal care for our clients. Membership with various professional associations ensures awareness about changes in policies and guidelines for our professions. All members of our practice attend annual plastic surgery meetings, lectures and conventions that keeps us informed and excited about the field we’re in.

We are members of multiple plastic surgery and anti-aging associations, which inform the advanced treatment options we provide. We always aim to not only meet, but also exceed your expectations.

Education & Experience

A Positive Experience

Trust And Comfort

Planning a physical transformation can feel overwhelming and stressful for many. We aim to establish a sense of trust and comfort from the initial meeting so that our patients feel welcomed to ask questions and safe sharing their concerns. The choice to undergo cosmetic surgery should be a positive one and we want to make it stress-free for you.

At Body by Craft, our enhancement team is devoted to guiding and equipping each client to make informed and positive choices. Our personalized, concierge services are designed to remove the hassle of planning as much as possible. This includes scheduling of all appointments, helping to arrange accommodation, transportation, childcare and other supportive services. We know that planning a procedure can disrupt busy lives quite significantly, for a short time. We’ll make it as easy as possible, leave the planning to us.

Your personal consultation with Dr. Craft is complimentary. We welcome you to contact us so we can arrange your first meeting. Dr. Craft will listen to your desired goals; your concerns and preferences, and then explain all the surgical and non-surgical options he feels would align with your needs and desires. He’ll always provide honest and realistic feedback- keeping in mind that a good common goal is your health, safety and best self, shining through.

There are good reasons that clients from all over the USA and around the world come to see Dr. Craft to have their transformation needs met. We believe that our passion to stay at the forefront of cosmetic medicine and our deep commitment to providing excellent care, consistently set us apart.

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